If you feel like you’re lost with your business, you have no idea how to get more money coming in, or you aren’t sure if your business is right for you anymore, this package is for you. For 30 days, you and I will figure out why you can’t get new clients every month predictably, and what can be done about it. This is 100% business therapy.

Get Grounding Package: $495

30-Day Service Includes:


The first step is to cut chords with any bad, programmed marketing training you’ve picked up. You need to free yourself of the “I should’s” and refocus on the “I want’s.” We’re going to look at EVERYTHING. From the posts you put out, to the emails you send, to how connected you feel with your mission and target audience.

Sales Funnel Audit

I’ll assess the effectiveness of the sales funnels you have in place. From copy+images, to UX and targeting. If there’s something amiss or could flow better, I’ll find it.

Social Media Audit

Show me all of your handles! I want to see your personal pages, business pages, free groups, paid groups, and any platform you have contributed to (even if it’s as a guest blogger!) I want to see how you present your business to your customers from an objective standpoint.

I’ll assess your copy+images, insights+engagements, followers+subscribers, and any other significant analytics I can get my hands on.

Video+Written Discovery Report

At the end of our 30-day audit, I’ll send you a detailed report of my findings. I’m going to be straightforward with what isn’t working for you, and be forthcoming about what needs to be tweaked in your approach with your audience.

Action Steps Report

I’ll send you my recommendations to turn your organic game around. *You may receive recommendations for:

Sales copy

Social media scheduling


New software or platform/Ditch software or platform

Email nurture sequences

Seasonal promotions

*No business is the same, so the recommendations I give will be customized to you.