TRIGGER WARNING If You’ve Ever Been Burned by Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads Objectives for Local Businesses


Look, I’m going to cut to the chase: your Facebook ads aren’t working because your objectives don’t match your target audience. No worries, friend! I’m going to show you what the different Facebook ad objectives mean and how to choose the right one for your overall marketing goals. If you’re in the Augusta, Georgia area and this post totes impresses you, schedule a call with me and we can talk about your next 90 days of growth through your social media.


Here’s the scoop…


I know a lot of local business owners take the time to learn how to run Facebook ads themselves because they’ve been burned in the past by a shady marketer. Someone slides into the business inbox, sounds super competent, over promises and under delivers.


Tell me if this sounds familiar:


They told you that Facebook ads are all you’ll ever need.


They promised to 10x your business in 30 days.


 They said they’d get you new clients every month and create recurring business for you if you just spent $5,000/month on adspend (plus their management fee).


…then the end of the month comes around and you’re staring at $1000 + adspend marketing bill with zero new business.


Honestly, it hurts my heart to see local business owners taken advantage of in this way. It’s important for digital marketers to have a holistic view of the business’s needs. A good digital marketer should ask you questions, get to know your business and your audience BEFORE EVER trying to run a Facebook ad campaign.


They should ask you things like:


How many customers do you currently have coming in?


How many do you need to reach your revenue goal of $X?


Who are you trying to reach?


Who is your client avatar?


When was the last time you engaged your list?


What promotions have worked for you in the past?


What is your budget for marketing?


What sales goals do you have for Q2?


 If you never had these conversations with a digital marketer before, then they didn’t have a clear understanding of what your marketing funnel looks like (and I’m sorry for that).


My goal is to empower you to feel confident in having these kinds of marketing conversations in the future so you never feel left out in the cold again.


Let’s go!




3 Levels of Your Marketing Funnel



There are 3 main levels of your Facebook ad marketing funnel that you need to consider: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. I like to think of these campaigns as:


Awareness: cold audience, top-of-funnel (not sure who you are or what you’re about, but could benefit from your products and services)


Consideration: warm audience, middle-of-funnel (they know of you, they’ve visited your business page, they have friends who like with your business, or they have bought from you in the past)


Conversion: hot audience, bottom-of-funnel (they are ready to buy from you, they buy from you often, they’ve subscribed to your list, they’re in your Facebook group, they rave about you on social media, etc.)


It’s crucial to understand what level of the funnel you’re targeting before you start with choosing your audience or writing your sales copy.


Simple enough, right? Let’s see how this looks in Ads Manager.




You can choose 2 different views in Ads Manager…



Quick Creation…



…or Guided Creation. (Guided creation is a visual way for to choose your campaign’s objectives.)



How do I know which objective is best for my audience?


Excellent question, friend!


Choosing the objective has a lot to do with what you are trying to sell, say, or share. You’re only going to be able to figure that out if you know who your audience is and know what they want to hear from you. (Don’t worry, I happen to know a savvy digital marketer who can help you dive into audience research!)


Let’s look at a few scenarios:


Is your business well-known in your area with constant foot traffic and want to promote a special event? Try a consideration campaign with an event objective to fill up seats.


Are you the new guy in town with a sweet product that you KNOW people would love if they just got their hands on it? Try a Brand Awareness campaign, then follow up 7 days later with a retargeting ad for conversions.


Are you trying to share your message with a wider audience, regardless of your zip code? Shoot for a Consideration campaign with an objective for video views or messages to talk with people who want to share in your vision.


Do you have a flash sale item that you want to offer to new subscribers? Run a Conversion campaign (and feed your new leads into a nice drip campaign for upsell + down sell opportunities).


These are just a few examples of what you can accomplish by choosing the correct Facebook ad objective. If you are strategic about your targeting and messaging, you will surely help your business grow in a way that feels authentic to you.


I’m still confused AF. Where can I learn how to set up Facebook ad campaigns?


Facebook ads are a lot of fun for a geek like me, and I do my best to make it as simple as possible to understand. But, knowledge is power (and power is money in a capitalist society.)


If you’d still like some help with figuring out Facebook marketing strategies without feeling like you’re being sold to, I’ve created a free Facebook group for small business owners like you.


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