Diversify Your Income with a Virtual Summit

Hey, passion economy! In this blog post, I’m going to give you a step by step guide on hosting a successful virtual summit. Stick to the end for some limited time goodies.

“So, How’s 2020 Going For You, Jack?”

Y’all… I’m tired of hearing things like, “During these difficult times…” or, “We’re in this together…”

Can we just take a minute in solidarity to appreciate the situation? At six months in, we’re living through a global health pandemic, a global civil rights movement, AND an impending presidential election.

As Gwen Stefani would say, “This shhh is bananas.”

If you’re currently living on planet earth, the coronavirus pandemic has affected you in some way. Maybe you’re the anxious small business owner who wrestles with laying off employees to make sure rent space is paid. Or, maybe you’re the anxious employee who wrestles with staying in a job that may not be open tomorrow. After all, rent needs to be paid.

And despite all of this, you’re here looking for a new way to ensure your income grows, even if you don’t take on more customers.

You’re here looking for a new way to make money off of what you already know.

You’re here looking for a new way to FINALLY FREE yourself from depending on someone else to give you a paycheck.

You’re here because you’re SO READY to start making some money while you sleep!

Look, the first half of 2020 has definitely been a crap shoot. I won’t sugarcoat that, friend.

With everything going on, I am committed to helping as many passion entrepreneurs as I can learn how to turn their knowledge into a really valuable content (that attendees will pay for over and over again).

Today, I’m going to show you a couple ways to use virtual summits to get more money.

“Sorry, newbie question: What the heck is a virtual summit?”

A virtual summit is a really good way for you to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Whether it’s crafting the perfect watercolor painting, or chiropractic care for pregnant mothers, or crafting the perfect sales pitch, I promise you, there’s an audience for it.

When the world isn’t social distancing due to a global health pandemic, experts typically meet up at these things called “conferences.”

These in-person events span over several days, and are hosted in hotels, event centers, or other large buildings that can house hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Let me tell you: attendees spend MONEY to go to these things!

Think about it—conferences are great for networking, gaining new skills and industry insights, and showing a crowd that you know your stuff.

There are three main ways a small business can benefit from a conference:

1.  Speakers get to demonstrate their knowledge, swap cards with other experts, and attract potentially new customers to their business.

2.  Sponsors get to support speakers and event organizers who align with their values, while promoting their business.

3. Attendees get to network, gain valuable knowledge, and talk about their business.

(Do you see the pattern here?)

People will travel for the opportunity to meet like-minded people, gain more knowledge, and swap information.

Some people will pay for flights, rental cars, hotels, food and high-priced access passes for in-person conferences. I’m willing to bet there are even more people who would love the opportunity to attend a conference, make those connections, promote their products, and gain the insider knowledge without having to think about putting on pants for the day.

Virtual summits were gaining popularity before the coronavirus struck. If you haven’t explored how to use virtual summits to your benefit yet, now’s the time to do it.

“Okay, I’m intrigued. How do you plan a successful virtual summit?”

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by the idea of hosting a virtual summit at all. In fact, if you do one summit well enough, that’s all you’ll ever need!

One valuable summit can bring you new leads, new sales, and new forever customers again and again.

To hit it out of the park, you’ve got to nail these 6 steps when you set up your virtual summit:

1. Topic. I want you to choose something you’re passionate about; something that you never get tired of talking about. This is going to be the theme of your virtual summit. Trust yourself that what you’ve dedicated your interest to is interesting enough to pay for. (I’m going to talk more to this in a minute.)

2. Purpose. People will need a reason to click into your summit. The best way to do this is to let people know what they’ll leave your summit with. Something like a new skill that brings them closer to their goals. Or, the opportunity to connect with like-minded people in an intimate setting. You could even offer an exclusive service and/or product at an introductory rate to attendees. The sky is the limit! Just make sure you land on ONE idea, okay?

3. Goals. What are YOUR goals for this summit? Make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’d like to gain from your virtual summit once it’s done. Are you teaching a skill? Are you demonstrating you know how to do something? Are you leading a conversation? It’s important to get clear on this before you start reaching out to potential speakers. 

4. Find speakers. If you’re hosting a virtual summit, it’s a great idea to have several experts in the field who can contribute to the conversation. When you have your speakers, it’s a good idea to ask them to make their own offers, gift freebies or resources to attendees, and to invite their own lists. (After all, summits are about elevating one another!)

5. Promote your summit. Social and email are going to be your best friends. Once you have your speakers lined up, y’all need to get those grassroot efforts going! For consistency, it’s best if you provide everyone with social media and email swipes. Make branded logos, banners, and messages to ensure your summit is promoted to YOUR vision.

6. Launch! Yes, yes, YES! All I can say is: be ready. Be nimble. And ENJOY the accomplishment!

“I’m still confused AF. Do you have examples of how people make money from virtual summits?”

I’m so glad you asked!

I actually have compiled a list of the Top 3 Ways People Like You And Me are making money with virtual summits.

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