Hey there! I’m Jackie. 

Builder of Online Communities. Generator of Digital Engagement.

I’m about to show you how my boutique social media marketing business can get you share your good message widely while increasing your revenue.

About My Biz

 I created Holistic Marketing Co. for local business owners who want agency-size digital marketing results packaged in a personalized experience. 

If a streamlined online advertising strategy that churns out sales-ready leads sounds like a high-in-the-sky dream, then I invite you to sit back, relax, and let this daydreaming, star-gazing digital marketer show you how to make this dream come true!


Brick+Mortars, Mom+Pops, and Up+Coming Businesses All Have ONE THING In Common…


The drive within their souls to serve the good people in their communities with great products and services.



The marketing landscape has changed tremendously, even over the last decade! (Thanks, Zuck!) 

What used to work in-person can now be made less effective (and even less attractive) than online marketing. Think about it for a second:


  • Advertising in Yellowpages or sending mailers to your neighbors doesn’t always cut it anymore.
  • Cleverly placed listings in the Penny News Classifieds don’t grab the attention of forever customers.
  • Offering discount coupons at local shops may capture some bargain hunters, but you’re still short-changing yourself.

But with new trends, tips, tricks, and tactics to promote your business flying over your head like a UFO daily, you are left feeling like you are stuck on some other planet, on some other plane, in some other dimension.

Why can’t marketing be about PEOPLE collaborating with OTHER PEOPLE?! 

Friend, I agree with this sentiment 1,000%.

Marketing SHOULD be about connecting good business owners with good customers.


  • Good businesses DESERVE to have regular customers walking through their doors every day.
  • Good customers DESERVE to find incredible products and services locally that they love.
  • Good business owners DESERVE to increase their sales when they care about the people in their community.

I get it – sometimes the overwhelm of advertising for your business is just too great.

But, I’m going to let you in on a secret…

It’s not your fault.

As a business owner, it’s your job to run a business, serve your customers, pay your employees, and make sure the lights stay on!

It is NOT your job to learn attraction marketing for your social media platforms.

It is NOT your responsibility to create a paid ads strategy to catch leads in a sales funnel and follow-up with them in a nurture sequence.

It is NOT your duty to track which medium is bringing more visitors to your website, what content is driving engagement, or which piece of collateral is driving the most sales for you this month.

…It’s mine.

More About Me

When I first meet people, I tell them I’m boring. I’m married to a good guy, we have two kids, and we just moved to the beautiful state of GA from the even more beautiful state of CO. (I’ll always be a CO native, baby!)

 As you get to know me, my geek tends to seep out.

I’m obsessed with everything social media + digital marketing (obviously) because I get to see results FAST. Hey, I’m a millennial, after all!

In actuality, my marketing career started almost 10 years ago at a nonprofit health care company (one of the largest nonprofit healthcare plans in the United States). I created a LOT of health education materials, a TON of handouts for clinics, and a SMORGASBORD of patient instructions.

Toward the end of my career there, I learned — to my dismay — that the content I was killing myself to produce every day for patients at over 30 facilities across the Colorado region…

Wasn’t. Even. Being. Read. (Talk about a blow to the ego.)

Literally, it felt like my career up to that point meant bupkis!

I wasn’t inspiring patients to take action with their health.

No one cared to open the letters that I was mailing to them.

Handouts were being thrown in the trash that I had spent hours writing.

Emails weren’t being opened!

(In truth, it should have been a red flag that I never got analytics for anything that I ever produced. That’s hindsight for you!)

When I Left, I Decided That I Was DONE Being A Content Mill.

  I would only ever create content that resonated, engaged, and converted readers to make a decision, take an action, or do the thing! 

(And I would have the analytics to prove it!)

I take my mission seriously:


Develop streamlined social media marketing strategies for local businesses and nonprofits to phase idle followers into action-taking, decision-making, money-paying super fans.


My job is to make your job easier. You focus on taking care of your customers, and I’ll bring new customers to you.

Cool? Cool.

Your business is an important part of helping your community grow. Partner with me, and I’ll help you flourish.