Is your current marketing strategy bumming you out?

Instead of spinning your wheels trying to find new ways to engage with potential customers...

Then change the game.

Magnetically attract fans to your business with new digital marketing and social media marketing strategies.
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Strategic Planning

All of your online marketing tactics should work cohesively. From email lists and chatbots, to social media profiles and sales funnels. Ultimately, the goal of your marketing strategy is to get you more sales


Build for Balance

We’ll build up your online presence for sustainability. Your marketing systems will be able to tell your story, attract new followers, get people excited about your offers, and follow up with your leads. 

No stone shall be left unturned!

Get Growing

When your organic methods for creating sales are working with your audience, it’s time to SCALE! 

We’ll go out into the online trenches to find new customers in your area who are already looking for a business like yours.

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Agency-Size Results in a Personalized Experience

Do your scheduled posts get you new customers?

Are you dumping $$$ into Facebook ads without much of a return?

How well do you KNOW your followers?

Friend, it may be time to take a hard look at what your marketing strategy is doing for you. 

My boutique digital marketing business is like none other. Instead of selling you on my expertise, you and I are going to work together so you really understand the best methods to attract clients to your business.

It all depends on you.

From the products and services you sell, to the stories you tell. You’ve GOT to give your visitors an experience that keeps you top of mind.

There is not one strategy that fits every business.

But, there is a strategy that will fit YOUR business.

Service Packages


30-day intensive audit program to get to the bottom of why your organic social media strategies are not giving you sales-ready leads regularly, and action steps you can take to correct your online presence.

We’re going to face EVERYTHING. From the stories you are sharing on your platforms, to how you feel about the future of your business.

(After all, nothing grows on infertile ground.)

Once the audit is completed, I’ll give you a customized plan to get your organic traffic game back on track. 


This 90-day construction phase is when you and I set up your foundations for success.

Your social media, chatbots, websites, autoresponders and funnels all need to be working together to ensure your email list grows with highly engaged, ready-to-buy super fans. 

During this time we test, optimize, and put systems in place that give you the greatest results. By the end of this, it’ll feel like you are pulling in clients every day on autopilot!

‘Done-With-You’ and ‘Done-For-You’ options available.


It’s time to scale your biz!

When you’re ready to kick it up a notch, I’ll create a results-driven digital advertising strategy that finds new customers who are already looking for your services.

This monthly service includes (but is not limited to):

Audience research + segmentation
Keyword research
Developing copy+creative
Building landing pages
Integrating with email services
Creating email nurture sequences

Need a customized plan?

No problem! schedule some time with me to talk about what you need.


Ready for Some Serious 'Smarketing' Action?

If you want agency-size results in a boutique digital marketing package, then you’ve GOT to get on the phone with me today. I’ll help you gain clarity, realign with your business, and attract the kind of clients that come to you again and again. 

Let’s work together!

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